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There's me with my best pal, and inspiration for Drooly Andrew's Pet Portraits, Desmond (AKA The Archbishop Desmond Two-Poos).

I've been drawing all my life, and when I created a portrait of Desmond it quickly led to me drawing other people's beloved pets,which i'm proud to do as I know how much joy and companionship they bring.

I uniquely offer two distinctly different styles of pet portrait.My traditional realistic portraits are created with the finest quality pastel and coloured pencils and drawn on professional quality,ultra-thick paper.I aim to capture the unique personality of your pet,working from your photographs.

I also offer a hilarious cartoon scene featuring your pets, friends and family and whatever else your imagination can conjure up! I aim to make you laugh out loud with a very special gift which is only limited by your imagination. As examples, in the past I have drawn a skydiving family consisting of two humans, two French Bulldogs and three cats, I've drawn a Jack Russell in the Trenches of WW1 as a gift for the dog's owner who was in the army and i've drawn a girl at her favourite campsite with her dog, who is stealing sausages from the nearby barbeque of Robert Smith, lead singer with The Cure!

Visit My Gallery section to view examples of both styles, and if interested read my prices and information section then send me a message using the contact form or message me on my Drooly Andrews Facebook or Instagram page.

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