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Guinness the Lurcher

This was one of my favourite commissions, I love drawing black dogs as using lots of different colours makes the fur look rich and vibrant, and I loved drawing that tongue!

This is what his owner said about him:

“Guinness was a rescue from the SPCA, very abused when I got him - he was 9 when he passed. He was a cross lurcher/ lab. Very much a one woman dog - and totally food orientated , hence the more lab than lurcher body 😂didn’t like men too much due to his past. Fav food was cornflakes with honey and plain crisps - enjoyed walking with daughters dog, Daniel the spaniel , his best buddy . Tbh he was a very simple soul , food and myself for company was all he wanted out of life - certainly enriched mine”

Drawn with Polychromos pencils. I use an embossing tool for the white hairs.

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