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Chris, Dave and Hope

This was a commission for a couple who lived near Melbourne in Australia.

Chris was devoted to his two rescue Greyhounds : Dave and Hope.

Hope (L) and Dave (R)

Dave sadly passed away recently so the portrait was to be a memorial. They asked for Chris and Dave in the foreground on their favourite beach , while Hope splashes around, chasing seagulls in the background.

This was a large A2 sized commission so I had plenty of room to add little details such as local wildlife and various shells . I love creating something which has tiny details in the background .

I decided on a beautiful Australian sunset and I hope this will be a fitting and poignant memorial to Dave.

I used Winsor And Newton Promarkers for this commission, they are easy to blend and have vibrant colours.

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Julia Harrison
Julia Harrison
Nov 03, 2021

Lovely caricatures. I love the one with the man and his two greyhounds. Very clever.

Replying to

Thank you for your kind words 😊

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